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Help us keep Valor online! In exchange, we offer ranks, cosmetic crates, skin packs and global loot boost tokens. All ranks inherit previous ranks.

We have a zero refund policy.




  • VIP Rank Ingame.
  • 1200 Kantos.
  • VIP Tag on Discord.
  • Access to instant L20. (/l20).
  • /size [number 75-125]
  • /glow [hex code]
  • /dye - Able to change your characters colors via hex color. (Does not give access to clothes)
  • Access to 200+ Skins
  • /playtime - See how long you've played.
  • No queue ever.
  • 20x20 Housing Plot Size Upgrade
  • Access to a Donator and Booster-exclusive text and voice channel.
  • Access to Throne Room & Peaceful Shore Vault Maps.
  • Access to vault maps: Peaceful Shores & Throne room via /mymaps.
  • Shows your RWT vouches on player profile.
  • Extra Web Profile Statistics.




  • Unlocks the S5 Premium Battle Pass.
  • Unlock & Earn special cosmetic rewards limited to the Season.
  • Contains 7+ Seasonal Reskin Orbs, Animated Emotes, Extra Elite Crates & Cosmetics.
  • Unlocks Double Alerts, Excessive Storage Bags & Doubled Rifts.
  • Click here for the Battle Pass FAQ.


premium banner


  • Premium Rank Ingame.
  • Premium Tag on Discord.
  • 3000 Kantos.
  • All perks from previous ranks.
  • Access to Premium chat channel.
  • Access to Premium voice channel.
  • 35x35 Housing Plot Size Upgrade
  • Participate in Special Content Tests.
  • Access to Premium Voting. (Vote on small features)
  • Access to premium only spoilers.
  • /clearinv (Completely clears your inv, can be used to get rid of junk).
  • /backpack gives your current character a backpack.
  • /size [number 75-150]
  • /resetitemname - removes unwanted renames.
  • Access to all previous vault maps and the Futuristic and Rangers Course Vault Maps.




  • All Premium & VIP Perks.
  • 7000 Kantos.
  • Your own Emote in Discord.
  • 3+ Unique MVP Pets. (Arcanuo pet included, run /mvppets.)
  • Tons of unique perks.
  • MVP Role ingame & on discord.
  • 50x50 Housing Plot Size Upgrade (Visit /home to upgrade)
  • Access to /petsize.
  • Can use /music in their own house.
  • One Gold Boost a month. (Gifted with Guild Rewards.)
  • A warm feeling. ❤️


premium upgrade banner

VIP -> Premium


  • Upgrades an Account to Premium from VIP.
  • 1800 Kantos.


mvp upgrade

Premium -> MVP


  • Upgrades an Account to MVP from Premium.
  • 4000 Kantos.

Support Valor


Kantos are our Premium Currency! These can be exchanged in our nexus for tons of rewards! You can purchase cosmetic pets, cosmetic crates, global loot boosts, character slots, vault chests, skin effects(fancy animations!) and way more! Check out our ingame shops for an idea of what's in rotation as well!


minor stash

Minor Stash

600 Kantos

Will deposit a 600 Kantos onto your account. This is great for picking up a Valor Boost or a pet.


respectable stash

Respectable Stash

1400 Kantos

Will deposit 1400 Kantos onto your account. Can be spent be in our Nexus & Grove kanto shops!


big stash

Big Stash

3200 Kantos

Will deposit a 3200 Kantos onto your account. Can be spent be in our nexus kanto shops!


sidons stash

Sidon's Stash

8000 Kantos

Will deposit 8000 Kantos onto your account. Can be spent be in our nexus kanto shops!


mad gods stockpile

Mad Gods Stockpile

13500 Kantos

Will deposit 13500 Kantos onto your account. Can be spent be in our nexus kanto shops!


all the kantos stockpile

All The Kantos Stockpile

23500 Kantos.

Will deposit 23500 Kantos onto your account. Can be spent be in our nexus kanto shops!

Support Valor


Custom Emotes, Skins & Pet Skins : if you've ever had an idea, and want it for yourself, this is a great way to support Valor, and get your very own exclusive.

All customs are BYOS (Bring Your Own Sprite). This is to keep costs down, and to not lock anyone into something they do not want. What this means is you are expected to have the sprite for your package. You can purchase the pack and hold off on implementing it till you find a spriter. Please note the majority of spriters will charge, and we've included additional info on how the sprites should look, as well as a list of community spriters here. Any deal made with them is separate. We aim to add custom purchases in the next hotfix or major patch.


custom emote

Custom Emote

This will allow you to add your very own 8x8 or 16x16 emote, and choose the name of it. You will be able to use it in chat. You will be gifted two tradable unlockers.


custom pet

Custom Pet

Allows you to add your own 8x8 or 16x16 pet sprite to the game. This is a great way to support Valor, and get your very own exclusive pet. You will have the ability to get a Generator on two different accounts. Like all pets, this is multi-use.



Custom Skin

Allows you to add your own 8x8 Skin and dyemasks to the game. You will receive two unlockers, for both your main & elite, or you and a friend! This will perm unlock the skin on a class of your choice.

Supporter Packs.

These are game packs. They rotate in and out of the store depending on the season. To redeem a pack after purchase run /pack in-game. Every pack is different. Some may be cosmetics, while others may be boost or housing focused.


Booster Pack

  • $13
  • x8 Gold Valor Boost
  • x1 Historical Declaration

Storage Pack


  • x5 Excessive Storage Bags
  • Grants you Excessive Storage Unlockers, which are redeemable for Storage Bags. The Unlockers may be placed on the market.



Rename Token x5

Apply Unique Names

Historical Declarations are used in the Renamer Menu to apply unique names to Legendary & Ancient Relic items. This grants the item a unique name of your choosing that persists through trades and displays to all other users. x5